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Postpartum Shapewear Singapore

Postpartum Shapewear Singapore

Regain your shape effectively

What does it take to go back to normal body shape after pregnancy?

Postpartum Shapewear Singapore

Postpartum Shaping

Giving birth is the wonderful moment for women, however, during nine months of pregnancy, tummy just like a balloon, inflated slowly as the baby grows. The tissues stretched out and lose it elasticity. Some women’s tummy muscles may have overstretched and may feel very slack. You may find it difficult to return to pre-pregnancy shape. Looking shapely back to pre-pregnancy is coming a woman’s dream after childbirth.

Thanks to soft to touch and tough on bumps and bulges Amolyi postpartum Shapewear. The high tech hip compression and pelvic realignment. It does double action; that is  Waist compression; Quicken postural correction. The body will be visibly shapeup and restoring the natural body shape when addressing the core issue of the postural correction.

After Birth Shapewear Singapore

Most of the women are very eager to regain back their body shape after giving birth to their lovely baby. A good after birth shapewear will not only effectively help to achieve your goals, also take care of your wellness after delivery. Choosing the right shapewear will help to compress the hip, realign the pelvic and uterus restoring back to the natural body shape. Amolyi postpartum shapewear will help in holding the body muscles and fat in the right position to promote better posture. It supports your back that required additional support that weaken during the pregnancy. Amolyi Shapewear is specially designed for pregnant women after childbirth recovery. It uses the high technology with quality fabric and affordable price for every woman to enjoy the benefits of body shapewear.

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