MEMBERSHIP Terms & Conditions

  1. The acceptance of any person to the Programme shall be subject to the approval of Amolyi and it distributor partners (“Amolyi”) and the participation by any such person (the “Member”) in the Programme shall be subject to the following terms and conditions.
  2. Under the Programme, the Member is entitled to be awarded Points (“Points”) and/or discounts (“Discounts”) when the Member’s registered mobile number is quoted at the time of purchasing selected products at our designated showroom in Singapore or our website (the “Territory”). The basis upon which the Member may be permitted to enjoy Points and/or Discounts shall be determined by Amolyi. The Member shall not request Amoyli to disclose or explain the calculation methods or other matters relating to Points or Discounts for whatsoever purposes.
  3. The Programme and any terms and conditions, as amended from time to time without prior notification.
  4. Any person wishes to become a Member shall complete and submit an application prescribed by Amolyi. Participation in the Programme shall, at all times, be subject to the terms and conditions contained herein.
  5. To apply for participation in the Programme, an applicant who is under the age of 18 years old shall be required to, at the absolute discretion of Amolyi, either (a) procure his/her parent/guardian to apply on his/her behalf, or (b) procure his/her parental/guardian’s written consent for the application.
  6. To qualify for the participation in the Programme, an applicant shall sign up online or at our designated showroom.
  7. The Membership is non-transferable and the use thereof is solely restricted to the person to whom and in whose name the Membership is issued to and for use strictly with the Programme only.
  8. The Member and/or his/her parent/guardian warrants and represents that the details and particulars furnished and contained in the application form for participation in the Programme are true and correct.
  9. Amolyi may, at its absolute discretion, suspend or terminate the Membership of the Member or Programme or the use of the Membership privileges at any time without notice or reason and Amolyi shall not be liable to the Member for whatever losses or damages that may be suffered by the Member in furtherance to or in connection with the suspension or termination thereof.
  10. A Member may at any time terminate his/her Membership by informing Amolyi and, upon the Member informing Amolyi of the intention to terminate his/her Membership, all unredeemed Points shall be automatically forfeited without notice to the Member and Amolyi shall not be responsible or liable for the forfeiture of any unredeemed Points.

         Use of the Membership privilege by the Member shall constitute acceptance of these terms and conditions.


  1. Points shall be awarded to the Member upon quoting the registered mobile number used during registration before making payment for the Qualifying Purchases, failing which Points shall not be awarded to the Member.
  2. Points awarded to and accumulated by the Member under the Programme are non-transferable and have no monetary or cash value.
  3. Points awarded and accumulated in the Membership shall expire 12 months from the date that the Points are awarded.
  4. Points redemption is not applicable at departmental stores, sales outlets and online stores.
  5. Amolyi reserves the right, without prior notice and assigning any reasons whatsoever, to solely determine and change from time to time:
    1. the items offered as rewards in the Programme (the “Rewards”) as listed in the Rewards Guide and/or in any other documents; and
    2. the number of accumulated Points required for redemption of or in exchange for the Rewards.


  1. Points and vouchers can only be redeemed exclusively by the Member, upon quoting the Member’s registered mobile number. Amolyi reserves the right to deny redemption should this condition not be fulfilled.
  2. Points and voucher redemption are not applicable at departmental stores, sales outlets and online stores.
  3. Members can only redeem points and vouchers upon update of their member profiles.


The collection, use and/or disclosure of any personal information relating to the Member shall be in accordance with the Personal Data Notice & Consent which shall be deemed incorporated by reference into these [terms and conditions/terms of use].


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